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Edgerton also has an example of a sainti. If you have a copy of his book, it is illustrated in Plate X, no. 557. Here is what he says about No. 557:
"PARRYING SHIELD; "Sainti;" consisting of a ringed shaft of steel, 22 inches in length, which is held in the middle; the grip is protected by a padded basket of steel, from the centre of which projects a small dagger. Vizianagram. (Pl. X., No. 557) (8452-'55.)
This weapon was introduced into Spain by the Arabs, an example of it is found in the Armeria Real de Madrid, dating from the 15th century."
The illustration that accompanies this text most closely resembles the picture you show with a straight bar, a D-guard and a small dagger protruding from the latter. The examples you show with blades at either end of the bar are, I understand, widely called haladie. The lance-like item you show, with a central D-guard, does not seem to fit either a sainti or a haladie, and may well have another name.


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