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Originally Posted by Rick
Kino, do you have any guesses as to the age of this blade? I have a Kris (no gonjo) with almost the same okir work running down the center; I'm pretty sure it's 20thC work but pre-WW2 or post?
No idea Rick. Several years ago I contacted Claremont College to inquire about the okirred Kampilan blade, since it has an acquisition number and the donors name, I thought I could at least get an acquisition date. I never got anywhere. If I had to guess, early 20th century.

The one pictured above has an old Spanish colonial coins, but that doesn’t really tells the swords age, just the coins age.

DaveS had a similar bladed Kampilan that showed lamination patterns.

Here’s a bare blade that DaveS gifted over 10 yrs ago.
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