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Originally Posted by Rick
Kino, do you have any guesses as to the age of this blade? I have a Kris (no gonjo) with almost the same okir work running down the center; I'm pretty sure it's 20thC work but pre-WW2 or post?
Rick, I also had a kris (without hilt) that had similar okir work. IIRC, my blade did not have a separate gangya and was not high quality. I estimated my example as being mid-20th C, probably post-WWII. Will try to find a file picture.

P.S. Rick, for comparison I tried to send you a (poor quality) picture of mine via PM -- but PM does not allow attachments So it's attached here for comparison. Not sure that it adds much to discussion of the kampilan posted by Kino. It's an old file pic and poor quality, but I think it shows the engraving on the blade OK.
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