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Default The Rare and Artistic Sinhalese Patisthanaya

First, and foremost, my best wishes for well being and good health to my fellow forum members!

The patisthanaya is a polearm from the Sinhalese people of Ceylon/Sri Lanka. It would appear to have a lot in common with a European partizan. While their iron and steel heads can take many different forms they always form some degree of a "trident" as a common denominator. There are also elongated bolsters running down from the head and fastened to the haft on many examples. Their hafts are often painted in red, gold, and black geometric designs and circles, a form and colors apparently associated with the capital city of Kandy.

This example is especially nice as it features brass inlay atop chiseled work(smewhat like we might see on a piha kaetta) along with delicate floral motifs chiseled into the blade and sleeve. Note the unusual way the bolsters are mounted and fitted under the sleeve. You will also see mysterious holes to each side of the sleeve where apparently some other attachment was mounted...perhaps one of our forum members may know what was there???

I have attached a pic of my others so that you can see the variations and commonalities in blade types.

These are certainly one of the ethnographic world's most unique and flamboyant polearm types.

Overall height: Just under 7ft.
Blade and sleeve(including extended bolsters): 16in.
Blade alone: 9.25in.
Width of the "trident": 3.25in.
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