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Not mirth Amuk, never mirth.

I enjoy language.

The fact that you use a spelling that was officially discontinued in 1972 as well the assumption that you are using one of the Sundanese dialects --- I've been told there is:- "a different dialect for every point of the compass, and a few in between" --- makes the job of trying to understand what you are actually saying pretty interesting. I do have a few reference books on S.E, Asian language, and I have a couple of connections in the community of linguists who study Malayo-Polynesian languages, so I'm not totally bereft of resources, but still, I can normally only latch on to maybe 25% of the words you use.

So your posts do entertain me, but not in any mirthful fashion. I enjoy the puzzle of what you put before us.

As for cynicism, well, you're talking to the bloke who wrote the book. I was paid good money for many years to be a professional cynic. You remember Mel Gibson in "Taxi Driver" ? I've been told that whoever wrote that part for dear old Mel must have spent a lot of time with me.

The young gentleman to whom I referred your text is not a friend, only a relative of a friend who is visiting Oz, he and his aunt just happened to be at my house when I read your text. Apparently he has some sort of Govt scholarship that is primarily focused on the history and culture of Sunda.

Since you have been so kind as to expand your comments Amuk, could I ask just one tiny further indulgence:- what dialect do you use in your posts?
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