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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
Yes, of course you're right Amuk, but I rather think the young gentleman to whom I referred your text might be considered to be attuned to his native culture. I will not go into the reasons for why I think this to be so, but if he is indeed not genuinely committed to the history and values of his native culture, then I guess the Indonesian government has misplaced their trust.

Still, I think we can put the question of qualifications to one side. Fact is I rather enjoy reading your posts, they are certainly unique.
Hullo Alan,

I felt obliged to respond.
Forgive me if I sound a bit cynical, but experiences have left me rather disappointed (especially by those in position to make significant change). However, I am still hopeful. Especially now that there appears to be a new crop with vision and ideals as well as the courage of their convictions.
Perhaps, the time may come when:” Bila melihat dolar, mata menghijau” may be laid to rest.
BTW ..... if your friend is 'into' Soenda culture, he may have heard of a couple of my 'brothers-in-arms': Ekadjati (Bdg), Djatisunda (Skb)

I am pleased that my posts can be a source of enjoyment/mirth.


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