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Mahisah Kerak is a style/dapoer
Tjorok, mentioned in post #2, tang>0.7cm
Djerbon= trust/faith in ‘mother'; from ‘ djedjer’(=one who can be trusted/depended upon) and ‘ bon’(=mother);river/sea waters were considered ‘mother’, mountains ‘father’. It was the original name for what is now known as “Cirebon”.
Galoeh/Galuh was a kingdom whose size varied from time to time, at times covering the whole of western Java (including some of Central Java). Segaloeh is a Javanese construct; I don’t know what is meant by it except as in Javanese keris protocol.
Oepih is a palm-leaf sheath
Oesoek is a roof-batten(=ada-ada in Javanese protocol)
Kotjop is wrong, it should be Pentil(=young fruit ‘bud’)
Kitjaka was the commander-in-chief of king Wirata in Mahabarata; while Doersasana is also a character from the same epic, Radjamala is a Javanese construct who did not appear in the original

Being born, bred and living in Bandoeng does not necessarily make one ‘Soenda’. Then, of course, there is Soenda and Soenda (just as there is Koori and Koori)
Your assumption is indeed correct; I use Basa Soenda.


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