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1357 was the year that a princess of Sunda was taken to Majapahit as a bride for the ruler, Rajasanegara (AKA Hayam Wuruk). The Mahapatih Gajah Mada wanted nothing but complete submission from Sunda and would only accept the Princess Pitaloka as a concubine. The Sundanese ruler --- who was with the wedding party --- was not agreeable to this.

The result was the Battle of Bubat, which was not much of a battle, more of a cruel massacre totally without honour for Majapahit and led to Gajah Mada's fall from grace. The Sundanese were a wedding party of at most a few hundred, the permanent soldiers and palace guards in Majapahit would have numbered into the thousands. The Sundanese fought until all were dead, the women in the party, including Princess Pitaloka took their own lives.

The Sundanese lost the "battle" but won everlasting honour.

Majapahit was disgraced because it acted without honour.

After this affair, Gajah Mada was removed from the capital and relieved of his command.

mahapatih wong wetan = prime minister of the people of the east, Majapahit is to the east of Sunda.

Javanese history is not always history as people from European societies understand history to be, but it sure does make interesting reading, I have often thought that it has a lot in common with the history of the Mafia, especially the Mafia in America.
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