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Haha, might need more stamps in my passport to get away with that one.

I should add that the reason "duhung" is archaic in everyday Sundanese usage is likely because the keris has little to no significance to Sundanese people nowadays (where it once used to, though of course not anywhere close to its importance in Javanese culture), and therefore very few would really care or pick up on it if you referred to someone else's duhung as a "keris".

Interestingly, the only thing referred to as "duhung" at the Prabu Geusan Ulun museum in Sumedang is a badik, and the keris are just called keris.

If I recall correctly, I think Eiseman in Sekala and Niskala mentioned that it the keris , at least where he lived in Bali, was almost never referred to as "keris" but as words that were euphemisms for it, out of respect for the power and place of the object in society and culture, and that these euphemisms were "high" Balinese.

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