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Originally Posted by kai
No problem: Forum rules have been tightened to the point that mere announcements of books with any link to the publishing house (or any other distributor) have been construed as "commercial" interest that needs to be taken to the swap forum. However, folks cannot reply to swap postings...
It would be great though if you could lend your helping hand to interested folks contacting you by PM (hoping that your mailbox doesn't get flooded).
Forum rules have not been "tightened", these rules have been in place on this forum since day one. Links to where to buy aren't "construed" as commercial, they are commercial, period. Folks are as capable to respond to a Swap notice about this as they are any Swap notice, either through PM or an email address provided by the OP. There is no need for any other discussion on a Swap post. I once again suggest that Neo place a Swap notice on his kind offer. Nothing new here. Standard policy. Discussion of this book doesn't need to take place in Swap. That hopefully can continue to happen here.
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