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there are many lower grades I've seen, mine does have silver, its my first sword with precious metals, I thought the blade mark might also make it more significant or interesting.
The scabbard does appear to be real leather, its smells old like antique.
I have seen many comparable apparently old examples with leather in just as good a condition, maybe it was just well maintained? maybe it way restored at one point. the scabbard fittings, do match the handle. and if it was restored it was probably also awhile ago as the handles bottom pin is apparently a little loose as there is a very slight wiggle to the two pieces of Horn.
The blade being cleaned never crossed my mind, I cant afford to be that picky. doesn't look too harsh.. probably was cleaned a long time ago.
maybe the blade is real old?
I did think maybe there is a small chance under all this patina , that its wootz?
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