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Thanks Lotfy for kind words and for sending me pics. I know the shibriya you talk about from your collection and it is a nice addtion to this thread.
This is a beautiful shibriya that also has a fullered blade. The blade is a fine one and I suspect that it was made in Majdal Shams because of the decoration: colored dots and engraving typical to Majdali daggers. The scabbard and hilt are clearly Jordanian and might even be from the same maker as the first shibriya of the thread.
Though Jordanian shibriyas and Majdali khanjars are totally different styles, some mixed forms are to be expected. Bedouins in the area carried both types and the distance from Majdal Shams to Irbid on the Jordanian side of the border is just 60 miles or so and to Amman it is around 150.
Possibly, the blade of Yvain's dagger was also made in Syria, as I mentioned in a previous post, or perhaps inspired by shibriyas like Lotfy's. Who knows..
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