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Gentlemen ,

I have noticed that we have been drifting away lately from the subject of Keris . I find this trend troubling as it seems that allowing the discussion of Tombak in this little room of ours has opened the door to other objects of wesi aji .

I do not wish to tread on the toes of the Ethnographic Forum by siphoning off discussions of objects that should rightly be posted there; after all this sub-forum is titled 'Keris' Warung Kopi .

I have moved the Trisula thread to the Ethnographic Forum along with the T.O.M.B.A.K. thread ; please feel free to participate in the discussions of these objects in that forum .

As for the Warung from this day on it will be open for the discussion of KERIS ONLY; off topic posts will be moved to Ethnographic .

I thank you all for your cooperation .

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