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I will make some observations(even though I am the least knowledgeable dha guy on the forum).
First, the coin on the pommel would indicate that it was either Cambodian or Vietnamese as these were both French Colonies until 1953 & 1954 respectively. Vietnam borders China, so maybe the "made in China," inscription is a further push towards a Vietnam origin.
The blade is not the typical tourist cutout dha form that so many GIs brought back from the war; I think that it is an older blade in newer mounts; I also think that the scabbard is more recent than the sword. In regards to the plastic being incorporated into the handle, I think that this was a decorative addition added at a later date and totally acceptable as a cultural progression as new materials became accessible.
I would guess the sword assembly being from the 1940s/'50s, with the blade being possibly older and the scabbard being newer.
If I were a sword collector I would be happy to have this one in my collection.
As stated before, I am not very knowledgeable in regards to dhas, so take my observations "with a grain of salt."
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