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Hi Stefan,
I have seen both of your daggers before and commented on them. They are both good and older than most.
The first one is a classical type - one of the two main types produced in the village of Majdal Shams. The other type is with heavier blade and decoration/writing near the base of the blade. It is dated on the blade to 1932 in Arabic numerals. I like it better than the other one because of the quality of the blade. On the blade is a blessing - that is often the case with these inscriptions and the maker's name: Abu Ali
The second one is also a good one. The hilt is well-made, but the blade is a different, less common type, but also of lesser quality. I know this type and think it was also made in Majdal Shams, but by a different workshop - but I don't really know.
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