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Yes, it is a conundrum...

If we cannot identify actual examples from Deccan, is it possible at least to talk about " Deccani pattern"?

Or, do you think even that is hopeless?

You know, I never thought much about Deccan: for me martial culture of India was either North or South. The entire center of the country was a blur, a white spot.

Just to think that we cannot pinpoint anything specific about it, is rather depressing. Dhup? Sossun Pata? Tegha? Are even they Deccani in origin?
Kind of tragic for the martial culture of almost half of the entire India to disappear without a trace.....

When Elgood can write a whole book about Vijayanagara, two volumes about a single Northern museum but only a short and tentative paper about the entire Deccan, it means we lost a giant chunk of human history....
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