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Default New kris book: "Keris Pasundan - Malacak jejak"

As advised in the Keris Swap Forum a few weeks ago, I purchased and read this new book and give my general comments hereafter:
. The book is written in Bahasa Indonesia and a partial translation into English would have been welcome...
. The printing quality of the book is good, however some pics using a black background are too dark and the details are hardly visible.
. The book describes the krisses from the Sundanese (West Java) province, including the old Hindu kingdoms of Sunda and Galuh (ending in 1297), the Sunda/ Pajajaran kingdom (1297 - 1579), and the subsequent Banten and Cirebon Islamic Sultanates.
. As advised by the authors, the documentation available regarding the old krisses from West Java is very scarce, and the book is mostly based on recent documents such as the Cerat Cariyosipun Para Empu ing Tanah Jawi (1919), Serat Paniti Kadga (1929), and Cerat Centhini (1823, during the reign of PB V in Surakarta).
. The krisses shown in the book belong to some museums such as Museum Geusan ulun (Sumedang), and some specialized collectors.
. The text describes in detail the history of the region and some aspects of the krisses such as the various types of iron, but after my first reading I still feel confused about the identification & classification of the Sundanese krisses because of the book structure and my difficulty in translation....
I will give more detailed comments about the krisses shown in the book in a separate post.
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