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Originally Posted by Ian
Hi Yves,

Thanks for sharing two more interesting blades. The first one needs better pictures. I cannot make out much detail at all from what you posted.

The second one does look Tagalog in style. Judging from the marks you show on one side of the blade, it seems this knife was forged from a file or rasp which commonly produce that pattern. The hilt looks like a standard, three-part construction--ferrule/wood or horn grip/ferrule--and the end plate with peined over tang is fairly standard too. There is not a whole lot of distinguishing features to identify a specific place of manufacture. There is a small cut out area of the blade adjacent to the hilt (a small "Spanish notch" perhaps) which might ring a bell for somebody. I've seen similar features on knives from Ilocos Norte, but I don't think this one is Ilokano.

I've heard these style of knives referred to as matulis (pointy), presumably because of their long tapering point.
Hello Sir Ian,

indeed it's a Luzon matulis! A probable typical Katipunero bolo. This piece was originally bought from Bulacan (Balagtas). A very nice leather scabbard would complete this lovely piece. I've seen a picture on the net that 's almost en eact replica of my blade- with a leather piece on the scabbard's throat - pointing the way that it has seen service in the Visayan area. Many thanks.
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