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G'day Jim,

I've had a look through half a dozen volumes here, just a cursory glance and not too much of a deep dive read.

Sir James Mann, Wallace Collection catalogues Vol II, entries A545, A557, A582 & A675 all carry variants of these moons with A582 being closest by design. What the alignment of these stamps within each blade is, I cannot ascertain.

David H Caldwell, Scottish Weapons and Fortifications 1100-1800, figure 9, late 16th, early 17th basket hilt, National Museum of Antiquities Scotland (LA[1966]) notes half moon stamps on each face, single or double is unknown to me. Firmly dated 1570-1630. The entire chapter is a very detailed and well research treatise of early Basket Hilts in Britain.

Had Mazansky in his work on British Basket Hilted Swords gathered blade data, I suspect others would be revealed too.

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