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Default Rare curved dagger from Balkans (?)

I offer this unusual dagger which was in my opinion made in the Balkans in the late 19th century. North Africa would be possible as origin, too. The handle is made of carved horn with brass inlays and a brass guard. The wooden scabbard is covered with brass tin. The curved blade is well forged and decorated with engravings and an opening in the blued fuller.

price: 250€ excluding shipping costs or make an offer

condition: scabbard with damaged brass at the tip, blade tip broken, bluing a bit worn, brass inlays of the back of the handle partially missing. Sounds bad, but all in all in good condition.

dimensions: total 38cm; without scabbard 36.5cm; blade 24.5cm

Shipping costs:
Germany: 7€
EU: 16€
World: 25€

Payment possible with Paypal and money transfer.

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