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Originally Posted by Sajen
Sorry, I disagree. I for my part think that it's a well made and better koummya worked for collectors (instead for those who travel), mid 20th century would be my guess. The blade is a good one, workmanship of the fittings ok.


PS: Forget, I don't think that the scabbard is from silver, have you tested it? I guess it's german silver.
Thank You Detlef for your interesting opinion. I have not tested the scabbard with the right methods, but the scabbard is not magnetic. As I understand German Silver is magnetic metal...The scabbard (from one side) and the attachment rings are quite worn aswell - so if it is a well crafted piece for the collectors, it has been thought of.
The French gentleman who gave it to me as a gift is a genuine world traveller and a fierce collector. From every part of the world he brings back several blades from antique shops and local collectors. He has specialized on Ottoman era mainly, but has dozens of blades from all over the world.
He had 2 koummya from the travels and that is one of them. The other one looked a like, but had several markings on the scabbard (but non on the blade) This one has marking on the blade, but not on the scabbard
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