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Thank you so much for these answers Jasper.
BTW, no need for concerns over the often unfortunate circumstances that actually seem typical in virtually all colonial or other conquering situations throughout history. Such things are an inherently ugly business, but it is best to remain objective as we examine weapons and material matters,

The idea that individuals 'purchased' their own weapons was read somewhere passim, and it is maddening when I don't record the source in my notes! Perhaps it is that the VOC was of course a private concern, and possibly such equipment was deducted from pay.

I had read that the blades were Solingen products, and it makes sense that they were assembled at their respective chambers. That would account for the supply of blades which were carried aboard ships, for trade as well as probably repair purposes.
* but why the year? was this administrative? certainly not commemorative as these run from 1740s into 90s.

The dusagge was certainly a versatile weapon and served well on vessels as well as a hanger for infantry forces. Those well shell guard were of course well known in pirate lore, and often colloquially termed 'shells' in that case.
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