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Thank you all for the feedback and guidance on restoration techniques. I do think this could be a fun project to undertake once I move. I currently live in a condo and have no proper workspace for such tasks. My hope is to have a garage, at the very least, with a true workbench. Maybe by the summer.

To address some of the points made - I will definitely stick to hand tools. Unlike in the video, I will not be applying a torch to any of it, knowing how that too will ruin the temper. Also, I will not be snipping the rivets off. They are old and have a rustic appeal I would want to retain in the restored result. So, I will have to try to gently remove them once the handle scales are removed, or find a way to build scales around them. Also, I already have buffalo horn from the pet store! I saw it sold there a year ago and picked it up thinking it would prove useful for something. I had hopes of trying to make a powderhorn, but this will be perfect!

Also, I am familiar with some of the discussions on electrolytic cleansing from the Keris forum. I looked into it a few weeks ago (for a blade I presented there), and it seems to be a well regarded technique for cleaning old tools and iron cookware. This may be just the item on which to try it out. The blade itself remains solid despite the surface pitting, so I think I could achieve decent results. I may try with some old files from the flea market first, and see how it goes.

Thanks again, all. I will share the results here later in the year, if I get around to tackling this project

Oh, and I may be the ONLY one who doesn't think these current hilt scales are ugly. They are in rough shape, but I have given some thought to finding out how to stabilize the scales and leave them on as a testament to whatever life this kindjal has lived. I don't know - the curiosity about trying a full restoration may win out, but I don't begrudge this for having rough aesthetics.
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