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Originally Posted by Kmaddock
Hi Shayde,

In the job lot of items you got a fantastic, in my mind Sossun Pattah, you have up on another post.

So if the other items are corroded beyond normal collector value (like this Item) so be it.

I find I learn as much from relic items as much as good condition items
was there much else in the haul?



Thanks for weighing in. I agree - the sossun pattah was the item that interested me in the lot as a whole. Being that I got 6 items for less than I would have paid for that one sword, I'm OK if the rest are not "collector's condition". I try to take good care of the items in my collection, but if one (or several) come to me in rough shape, I don't mind too much. As you say, I can learn a lot from these more damaged items, especially as I may be afforded opportunity to see how hilts were mounted, and such details that would otherwise be hidden on items in better conditions that you would never dream of taking apart. Also, and I know this is a point of some contention, I don't mind patina that indicates age and use by the original culture from which the weapon originates.

As for additional items, there were two machetes (one I haven't identified yet, the other is a 1943 Collins - a big beefy thing). There was also a Barong, that I haven't gotten around to formatting the pictures to post on here. That is in the best condition of the lot, and has a description carved into the sheath that suggests a GI bring-back item. Still, it has friction tape around the grip down by the blade where a wire wrap would traditionally have been. Might not be worth posting here as there are countless other examples already populating these pages.
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