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Hi Chris

Thanks for Posting again. Interesting information about your two guns.
I wouldn't try to take the barrels off either. Not worth messing up the silver since its nailed on.

Sepoy smooth bores. Hmmm..yes. Probably correct. I was thinking originally that the barrels might be surplus 1840-50's Enfield barrels not in use after the 1853 Enfield introduction with the rifled barrels. But the Supoy troops were still supplied with these smooth bores till at least the mid-1850's if my memory serves (?)

I do have a barrel and lock from a British 1858 rifled musket and a EIC lock that I will see if they fit in my Saudi gun. Just curious. I don't know if there was much change in the locks from the 1853 pattern and the earlier locks used with the smooth bores. We shall see.

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