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Default Sinclair Sabre Type 2

Hi Guys

I am trying to settle on general file descriptions for swords in my collection and a couple could probably be improved. So I thought I would post the ones I am currently reviewing. As I post them I will state what I have called them up to now, but I am open to suggestions that might be more accurate given current thinking.

First example, I called this sword a Sinclair Sabre Type 2 as that is how OAKESHOTT, Ewart European Weapons and Armour Pp 172, Plate 14, Figure 78 described it.

Sword description
Flat renaissance pommel, wide up-and-down quillons and forward ring-guard. The large ring-guard is filled with a plate, decorated, and with a corresponding thumb-guard at the back. The Guard and pommel engraved with floral decoration. Grip has both Turks heads but no wire, only the wood remains. The blade is slightly curved backsword which pre-dates the hilt bare a sword mark in use from circa 1580-1620.

References consulted
BOCCIA L.G., COELHO E.T., EDITRICE B. Armi Bianche Italiane Pp 342, 150 & 151, 346, 347, 387, 394
FORRER R European Sword Pommels pp 18, 155 plate LIII (4)
OAKESHOTT, Ewart European Weapons and Armour Pp 172, Plate 14, Figure 78.
SACH, Jan & KRAUS,Valtr Illustriertes Lexikon der Hieb- und Stichwaffen Pp 104
SEITZ Heribert - Blankwaffen 2 P

I would be interested in an alternative view, if possible, please provide references.

Regards Cathey
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