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I just wanted to note that this new forum is an ideal solution to respond to occasional need to discuss items of material culture ancillary to the arms often discussed here. In many cases items which are not technically weapons are sometimes included as 'kit' such as ammunition cases or other accoutrements, or could well extend to items including anything material which might carry certain motif or decoration similar to that found on arms.

I can recall many cases where certain huqqa (vases or containers) or ewers etc and many Mamluk trays and utensils often reflect the designs and art so profoundly displayed in their metalwork.

There are also many oceanic items which are used in utilitarian context which are readily used as weapons, such as large paddles or spoons if I recall, Vandoo is the expert on these things!

I hope this forum will prove successful and respectfully ask that good judgement will prevail, as I am confident it will, if I know you guys!
No 'roadshow' stuff OK? you know...doilies, tea cups ?
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