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Originally Posted by Gustav
I didn't notice I was speaking about all figurative hilts - that's a bit to much to handle, even for the little old me.
As I have no particular interest in this kind of esthetics from that period, maybe some other person more knowledgeable as myself could take up the job here from this point on.

Just one last remark, not related to the hilt issue - judging from pictures it seems there could be a whiff of a possibility the blade and sheath are a later marriage.
Gustav, my remark was in regards to your acknowledgement that my hilt was indeed "unique" and "one of a kind". I was not asking you to speak about all figurative hilt, only pointing out the obvious that for the most part they all tend to be one of a kind by their very nature.
You seem to have spent a great deal of time posting about a keris hilt that you have no particular interest in. LOL! I don't believe anyone was twisting your arm to contribute any information here. As you have pointed out, i didn't even respond to your first post. Nor have you been asked at anytime to "take up the job" of being the sole supplier of information on my keris. You have made it clear that you don't particularly care for it. That's fine. Again, as you yourself pointed out, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I really don't take that personally, but it is curious that even up to your very last note you seem to want to dismiss the integrity of this keris that myself and many others both on this site as well as two others i have posted it on seem to very much appreciate. To alleviate your suspicions i can tell you that i am 100% sure the sheath was made specifically for this blade.
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