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Default African short swords and axe for sale

I want to sale the following african weapons, all prices not including shipping costs:

#1: short sword of the Salampasu (Kongo) without scabbard - 55

#2: short sword of the Yaka (Kongo) with wired handle and without scabbard - 55

#3: short sword of the Yaka (Kongo) without scabbard - 40

#4: short sword / long dagger of the Azande (Kongo) - 120

#5: axe of the Tome (Sierra Leone) - 100

For detailed pictures, please scroll down.

Shipping costs:
Germany: 7
EU: 16
GB and Switzerland: 30
United Sates: 40 (warning: long shipping time up to 60 days actually possible)

Payment possible with Paypal and money transfer.
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