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Originally Posted by Indio_Ira
Thank you Ian for your input. What’s the best way to polish the metals on the hilt and scabbard?
I use an old product called "Simichrome Polish" which is made by Happich, has the consistency of toothpaste, and comes in a 50gm tube. It only requires small amounts at a time and one tube lasts me months. You can find it online—the cheapest prices I have seen were on eBay.

It contains solvents so keep it away from leather, ray skin, or fabrics which it can stain or discolor. Wood can be affected also, especially if it has been stained or polished. It's good for metal only. Also, make sure you don't leave any residue on the metal. It can build up over time with repeated cleaning. (Not as bad as Brasso, but it can be unsightly and might corrode the metal if residue is left for prolonged periods.)

The paste is a mild abrasive that is applied with a dry cloth and rubbed gently over the surface to remove surface oxidation (the paste changes color from yellow to black as the oxidation is removed). The covered areas are then buffed with a second clean dry cloth to remove the paste and polished gently to a bright finish. Use a wooden toothpick to remove paste from small, hard to clean areas.

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