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Originally Posted by kai

I am still not sure whether the luk in your piece have been added later: The blade in this section is considerably more slender. However, these kebo/mahesa blades are often quite worn and usually seem to have been of somewhat more moderate craftsmanship to begin with. If you compare the examples shown in the linked threads, you'll notice small deviations/inconsistancies and especially those with luk can appear a bit ungainly. Thus, these luk might as well be original.

I share Kai's opinion that the luks may have been carved later as at least on one side of the blade, the pamor pattern in the center of the blade seems to stop just under the first luk...
If you compare this blade with the one shown by Detlef, you will notice that the luks are contained within the straight blade's envelope (could have been carved from it), while the luks of Sajen's blade protrude from it.
Some blades with dapur Mahesa Kantong are quality made, see my specimen.
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