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Originally Posted by jagabuwana
Happy New Year to you too, Shayde.
Nice find with this blade. If you intend to clean it, I'd really like to see the result afterwards.
Do you intend on getting a Jogja wrongko to match?

I certainly intend to clean it. It has a good personality I'd like to reveal under all the gunk and rust!

As for the wrongo - is the one in the link Sajen provided a Jogia Wrongko? Are there specific details that I should look for to compliment this keris? I will have to keep my eyes open for one.

How about for the hulu/hilt - should I keep it as is, or look for something else? It seems the current mount matches the other examples I've seen on here, but I could be wrong. I recently acquired a number of hilts that the seller thought were handles for files. I could perhaps select one of those unless the one pictured here is correct.

thanks again for the helpful feedback
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