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Originally Posted by kai
Definitely separate, Shayde!

Keris Kebo Kanthong Luk Lima seems to be a good description for this rare dhapur.

Looks like a good blade. Could you please take pics of the whole blade (as well as a close-up of the section with luk) directly from above (vertically), i.e. not at an angle? Thanks!


Thank you to everyone for the feedback so far. I'm attaching a few more pictures below. Forgive me, as my camera is well below standard, but hopefully these show some of the requested detail.

I know it is fraught to make too many claims when all you have are poor photographs to go by, but can blades of this form be attributed to a specific region, time/era, people? I read that they were considered well suited to those involved in primary production (farming, livestock, etc.), but is this form associated with a specific culture?
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