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Originally Posted by asomotif
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When you write about / "early collected / in museum collections", Which dates / years did you encounter ?

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Hello Willem,

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When you do a little research about the Borneo swords in some museums, you will find out that the Nyabor is not frequently found amongst them.

Pitt Rivers however does have three Nyabors in their collectiondatabase (as I know of), of which one of the three is collected from, and described by Shelford, in his article: "A Provisional Classification of the Swords of the Sarawak Tribes" (1901).
The second Nyabor you find in the Pitt Rivers collection was collected by Arthur Frederick Sharp, in 1908. And there is a third, purchased by Pitt Rivers in September 1924.

Bronbeek only has one Niabor in their collection, from the former Nijmegen museum.

IFICAH also has only one Nyabor, from an early German collection.

The British Museum only has one, as far as I know (don't know about the collection/dating etc.), and there is known an old drawing from a Nyabor hilt, British Museum, 1862.

The Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam has one in their collection, dated before 1887.

In the article of banks you find a photo of a Nyabor, and also in a drawing of James Greenwood, 1899.

And you will find one here and there in some advanced private Borneo collections.
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