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Default unidentified sword

Originally Posted by tanaruz
Hello friends. Nice to be back. I have 3 blades to share (and gather info). This first one is an unidentified sword. My first impression on looking at the blade's profile (and info from blade friends from leyte), that it is a Leyte blade. However, the hilt is not Leyte. It bears the semblance of a Samar hilt profile. This one was purchased by my father from a seller/owner who hails from Samar.

A fellow friend from Leyte identifies this blade as an OYON Blade- a Waray(people of Leyte) term meaning straight blade.

But what could it possibly be? The blade's length is 20 inches. The pommel is made of a certain hardwood with a deity(?) carved on the pommel.

No scabbard.

The blade is currently being restored by a trusted restorer.

Any info is much appreciated.


sharper, crisper pictures of sword #1(unidentified) before restoration. Rgds.
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