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Default Checking for understanding.

The mark in post #2 has elements that seem to be a Tblilisi mark between 1883-1899, but a little different than I've have seen referenced. The 84 and the the cross are one element rather than two separate stamps. The left arm is indistinct under the "84". Does anyone know; how much variation was there among city stamps of the period?

Francantolin, I know its unlikely, but could it be a single headed eagle on your blade?

The green handle: Any word on the type of stone? Wasn't green a color favored by the Azerbaijani? I noticed on post #1 fourth picture down there are scratches (almost seem to be file marks) on the scale beside of the rivets. I've seen this several times. Are these made during manufacture and not polished out or from later repairs? I know the Caucasian culture as a whole places great emphasis on the outward facing aspects of a blade and fittings with less care given to the inward facing aspect.

Thanks for showing this interesting piece!
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