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At last a sensible alternative to Rhino and Giraffe .OLIVE WOOD..Discovered as a brilliant hilt for Khanjars; accepting dense silver pins and a beautiful polish ...In a report in The Oman Observer 27/01/2018 Ray Petersen stated;
Quote"The wood of the olive tree, known by its botanical name of Olea Europaea, has become the latest ‘must have’ men’s fashion accessory according to Nizwa silver craftsman, and businessman, Daoud Al Tiwani. Due to restricted supplies of ivory and horn, in particular, Tiwani was drawn to using olive wood in the manufacture of his business’s amazing traditional khanjars quite by accident. He was using some windfall olive wood for traditional canes when he discovered tone of the polishing processes offered an astounding depth of color and emphasized the grain, which is the natural pattern and direction of the wood, to an amazingly appealing degree."Unquote.
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