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The first takouba i bought 15 Years ago. Its a low quality touareg sword, seems well used,traditionel handle and crossguard with classic decoration , the slighty oval stacked pommel made out off iron, brass and alluminium.
Native made blade with a short single fuller grinded in the blade. Two crudely made dukari on each side off the blade. The blade is shorter and thinner than my other takouba blades, verry flexable as well. The last 20 cm is sharpend,
showing the typical rough markings. The leather scabard has some decorations butt again off low quality.
Oal; 86,5 cm,sword lenght; 86 cm, blade lenght; 65 cm, blade wide; 5,3 cm,
thick; 2.5 mm from handle to tip.
Comments are verry mutch welcome.

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