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More pictures and info off the takouba with the brass handle.
Solid brass handle, on the cross gard are two small copper plates, in the center a triangular shape in what appears a lead covering. The pommel is ovoid rather small with one copper plate on top. Similar examples on the net indicates its from the Cameroon/Nigerean area.
Its a single fuller blade, the fuller is well made,not grinded. The blade has a good flex, sharp and looks like it has been sharpend a lot, with the typical ruff markings on the edges.The scabard is in a good condition with some decorations on the leather but fairly simple, round brass rings on the mounts.
I have no idea off age and origin of the blade so comments are verry welcome.
Oal; 96.3 cm, sword lenght; 95.7 cm, blade lenght; 82 cm, blade wide; 4.5 cm,
blade thickness at the handle; 4.3mm, at the tip; 2.2 mm.

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