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Originally Posted by shayde78
I certainly intend to clean it. It has a good personality I'd like to reveal under all the gunk and rust!

As for the wrongo - is the one in the link Sajen provided a Jogia Wrongko? Are there specific details that I should look for to compliment this keris? I will have to keep my eyes open for one.

How about for the hulu/hilt - should I keep it as is, or look for something else? It seems the current mount matches the other examples I've seen on here, but I could be wrong. I recently acquired a number of hilts that the seller thought were handles for files. I could perhaps select one of those unless the one pictured here is correct.

thanks again for the helpful feedback
The one in Sajen's link is I believe a Surakarta dress.

If you are to keep the current hulu, which is Jogja, I think it would look best paired with a Jogja wrongko. But that's very much a personal feeling and opinion.

As for specific details or things to heed when fitting this keris with dressings, I don't know. I will have to defer to the more experienced and knowledgable members of this forum for that
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