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Of course Rick, no problem. Nice to see them appear here again.
I believe that both these guns started life as Sepoy smoothbores. One lock is dated 1855 Tower, crown and VR and broad arrow, but the barrel is standard Sepoy issue with dog kennel foresight from 1859 (rear sight replaced). It is fully stamped with all the normal inspection marks for military issue. The butt cap (with the studs) is a separate piece attached as far as I can see with nails.
The second lock was never removed. I was going to leave that to you
Now underway, so once its done I will be able to tell if its also a regulation lock and hopefully whether Tower or EIC. The sights on the barrel have been replaced but I think originally were as the first gun. The barrel is otherwise standard with military/EIC issue stamps (pictured).
The butt is simply a carved down original stock on this one, and put side by side matches exactly my original example from 1959.

I did not remove the barrel of either gun to look for more inspection marks and possibly a maker since I am afraid of damaging the silver work, which is firmly in place.
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