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Hello David,
Lovely Bugis piece, congrats! I basically agree with what you say but I am also confused about its origin.
I would place it in Eastern Sumatra (Riau Lingga) but do not know much about Peninsular krisses so I cannot discard it as a possible origin.
The hilt is puzzling me indeed because of it unusual style, basically a anak ayam/ pipit teleng but with a floral decoration, spiral eyes, and protruding head like a Bugis rekko hilt! I show you my 2 closest pieces but they are different from yours.
Regarding the ivory type, I have noticed some parallel lines on the top side especially but they are not Retzius lines and the ivory aspect does not look to be from elephant. But the dotted line visible on the front side especially (with a colour change) calls for hippo ivory IMO, also the very smooth surface and absence of cracks. However the colour is a bit dark for hippo ivory.
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