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Originally Posted by kwiatek
Thanks for posting these. Interesting pieces. I would read them as you have done and give a reading for one of the names:

1334 AH (1915-16)
Work of Lutf (Latif?), owner ĎAli Muhammad Vali Oghli (Veli Oğlu)

1329 AH (1911-12)

1126 AH - (1714-15)
... (Sayyid?) Muhammad Zargar Bukhari

Thank you very much for the correction. I was very unsure about the name because I lack the linguistic background you obviously have.

Did you also see the other kard scabbard in the same fashion that I showed a few posts above? It has the same makers' names inscribed as on my example. So seeing how similar in style they all are, I think it would be reasonable to assume that they are all from around the same time and place of origin.
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