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Default Archaic Sgian Dubh??

Good day, fine folks!

I am hoping to get your feedback on the following piece I picked up recently. I initially thought this was a patch knife from the Amercan frontier. But, upon recieving it, I'm starting to think it might be a form of sgian dubh. The overall size, the gimping on the spine of the blade just below the hilt, and (although not the stereotypical thistle/basket-weave carving on the hilt) the handle curve is such that it curves perfectly to fit snug against the calf muscle if tucked into a sock on the outside of the right leg. It 8s actually this last feature that has stuck with me making me wonder at its Scottish roots.

Anyway, with full acknowledgment that the possibility exists that this was simply fabricated in someone's garage during the pandemic, I humbly present to you to get your more expert opinions.

Bone hilt
8.25 inches overall
3.5 inch blade
Brass spacer

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