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Please post a Photo of the sword too for the record!

The custom of biting a chunk of meat and cutting it with a quick slash of your utility knife just in front of your nose, as far as I have heard before, was associated with the Gauchos of southern Brazil/Argentina. They ate a lot of beef in the field. I have not previously heard it about Ethiopia. This of course doesn't mean it wasn't also observed there. Do you recall your source for this titbit of esoterica?

Scottish dirks, Khukuris, and European hunting swords/trusses, as well as some Japanese swords had small utility knives in the main weapon's scabbard. Usually for eating. The Japanese ones were more for marking a battlefield trophy as your own for presentation to your lord. This was traditionally the head of a
high ranking opponent.

The knife is interesting and a bit unusual, is it sharpened? If so, how far down from the tip? Gripping it must not be easy. I don't think I'd trust my nose to it eating like a gaucho.

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