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Default Kindjal to share, help please, markings, age, location, thanks

Recently Arrived this Morning, I got it from eBay, I think I got real lucky on this one. The seller recently sold a a couple sabers before this ,they were amazing, and I was hoping they would show up on the forum. If its alright I would share a couple photos of the swords. There was also post cards and photos sold, I would share a few that were cool. if that's allowed

I Have only done a little research into Kindjals, if people could help me find out the origin, and age,
The blade marking???

I don't think this was a military issue?, I almost see what could be a marking of a signature, the blade is 2 inches wide, and 15 inches long, 21 inches total with handle. Its very sharp.
Is this technically a short sword?
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