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I've just spent 30 minutes or so in Photoshop playing with the photos that show the front of Shayde's blade.


Because in these photos as published it is totally impossible for me to read the grain of the metal.

Why do I want to read the grain of the metal?

Because that is the only way that I might be able to hazard a guess at whether or not the front of this blade had the waves cut into it or forged into it.

However, even if I could read the metal grain and it told me that the waves were very probably forged in, I would not have any way of knowing if they had been forged in during original manufacture, or if they had been forged in after the original manufacture.

In fact, forging the waves into the blade after it had been finished would be far more satisfactory than cutting them in, and if the waves were intended as a talismanic enhancement, it would be the only acceptable process of alteration.

Even if I had this blade in my hands any opinion I gave on the waves would only be an informed guess. Trying to provide any sort of guess on the basis of what I can see in these images is simply beyond me.
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