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Hello Charles,

Thanks for the additional information!

Regarding the parapat, I think all the hair, side scabbard, and shoulder baldric are later to the sword, though certainly not new or recent.
Sure, fittings tend to be younger (or even missing). This one has features that might be slightly off though.

Certainly a really nice sword, anyway!

The hair is very coarse. I would not be surprised if it was last in the hands of the Dayak to the south, though I am learning that the side knife on a parapat is not so terribly unusual.
Yes, side knives are known - pretty rare though.

Those which I saw resembled those on mandau in length; this seems to be exceptionally long! How does it affect wearing the sword when you hold it to your hip?

The uppermost metal band seems to be from brass? Are the others crafted from soft iron?

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