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The dutch Hembrug klewang has been discussed in great depth here earlier, "Search" is your friend. It is a short sabre or cutlass designed for jungle warfare in Indonesia. US Marines also used them for jungle warfare in the pacific.

I see very little resemblance to the Hembrug, Solingen, or Milsco versions made to the same exact blueprints and used by The USA, Germans, and the Japanese in WW2. The point style is very klewangy in general, much like other non-dutch klewangs. Dutch swords seem to like clipped points. the Hembrug cutlass and it's descendants has a broad central fuller and a sharp false edge on the clipped area. Is the OP's false edge sharpened? If you call them klewang variants, we need to call 'Bowie' knives Klewangs as well. I've always considered my dutchy a long bowie.
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