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Originally Posted by xasterix
Thanks for supporting the work of Filipino pandays sir. Although I have to admit, me and my friends don't get along well with TFW- we view the outfit as more of a custom blade producer, because, as you mentioned - the designs are inaccurate. There's also the case of the blades defying ethnographic accuracy- all of his pieces are made in North Luzon, and only by one ethnolinguistic group. This totally ignores the unique blademaking practices and other cultural stuff that is preserved by different regional pandays faithfully sticking to their respective regions ' trad blades. But perhaps the worst slurs are the mislabeled or fantasy-stuff history / origin stated by his products.

Sorry for the rant. But I really hope you come across the legit trad blades-- I can vouch that the real thing does perform well and look good!
I know a few people in the American FMA community that just LOVE TFW swords. I've handled a couple, and yeah, they seem good quality, but they really just don't look right, and in the hand, they don't feel like the originals.

Have fun,
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